Gazaab Social Ventures - Blog

2nd April - Creation of Gazaab Social Ventures Blog
First post! Meanwhile, check out our website for more :) 

3rd April 4.12pm - Met Marc and Tim Gocher at Newton Circus
Marc introduced us to his close friend Tim who is raising money for a 10million VC fund in Nepal. Had a great exchange of ideas and shared resources, connections and information. Valuable contact to have. Possible link up to the impact investment exchange.

5th April, 4:11am - Meeting Dell Singapore country Manager!
As part of the 200 semi-finalists selected for Global Dell Social Innovation Challenge, we have been paired up with Tim Griffin from Dell Singapore as our mentor! Exciting. And he wants to meet us at 7.30am :)

7th April, 12noon - Met up with Samantha, DBS COO, our newest advisor
Had lunch with Samantha and officially obtained another advisor for Gazaab Social Ventures! Had a great time brainstorming ideas and exploring collaboration with DBS.

9th April 11.57pm - Gazaab Social Ventures officially incorporated with ACRA as a Private Limited
Finally, after all the administration procedures. GSV is born! Bank account is next!

12th April 4.11pm - Gazaab successfully opens bank account with DBS!
Surprisingly hassel-free, approved in just one day! Nice. 

16th April 1.30pm - Meetup with Yen-lu and Dilip Limbu
A great connection forged by Yen-lu! He introduced us to a long-time friend of his, Dilip Limbu, who is a Nepali with connections to the current deputy prime minister. He shared with us a number of stories about doing business in Nepal, many scary ones that we have really been lucky to avoid with the connections we have there. He also talked about the Nepali Society in Singapore and was very keen to link us up with them. we will definitely be meeting a couple of them soon, and with their links back in nepal as well, could help a great deal in getting Gazaab Social Ventures off to an even better start.

22nd April 3.43pm - Completed Dell Social Innovation Challenge's semi-final submission requirements
A 9 page very detailed roadmap to success aka business plan, and a 2 min video pitch by ourselves. Helped a lot in distilling our thoughts and refining the model. Definitely helpful in our ideasinc journey as well.

6 May12.30am - General Updates

Kicking off the month of May, we have almost finalized our business competition materials and are moving into the testing, rehearsing and refining them before sending them off to the translator. The laborious process of obtaining partners in a country like Nepal has also started, and over the next month we will be sending in tons of proposals and making lots of calls to all the organizations to support our event and get their members in to participate at the our competition. Month of April has also seen us meet all our advisors at least once, some more than that, and got all their views and feedback on our direction. Sad to say, this business model is so new, even our experienced advisors could only brainstorm with us on ways to move forward in reducing risk for maximum impact. Immensely helpful of course, but it cements the fact that the struggle is ours, at least until everything is super clear on what we need exactly and why and the risks behind. Then the wealth of resources at our disposal could be put to use! Our new website on wix is also 90% complete, migrated from our previous flash website due to the speed of flash and the need for people to install flash player. Get a preview here:!home|mainPage.

14 May - Launch of our new website 
We have finally migrated our website to HTML5, after concerns that the requirement for flash players is turning people off. It is also a very real problem for people in Nepal where the computers might be too slow to load flash, and cut off audience to our site. Hence we re-made the site in html5 with a brand new design and here it is. We have also launched our call for proposal on the website and opened our application form for people to apply. 

22 May - Named as Dell Social Innovation Challenge Global Top 40!
While we did not make it as the top 5 finalists in the Dell Social Innovation Challenge 2012, Gazaab was named as the top 40 projects out of more than 1700+ projects globally. Which is still quite an accolade we are happy to receive. DSIC would be contacting us subsequently which promises certain help which is not disclosed as of now. 

25 May - Media Partner National Business Initiative Nepal
Contacted Catrin Froelich, a German Journalist with National Business Initiative Nepal to help us publicize our call for participants at our Business Competition. Had a good skype session with agreements in principal. Subsequently sent in formal letter to NBI and we were included in their newsletters and various media.