Expeditions 2011

Project Gazaab is sending 3 expeditions to 3 locations in the december of 2011. The 3 locations are Nepal, Arunachal in India and Maharashtra in India. Applications are now open! Apply here.
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In 2009, Gazaab was born as an OCIP that would stand out from all other OCIPs in SMU, by adding the element of sustainability to our cause of helping less fortunate people. Gazaab was never about clearing the 80 hours, building libraries, painting houses or installing toilets. Whatever we did in Project Gazaab, it was not an effort to touch lives. It was to change them.

In 2011, the Gazaab idea has not changed and its spirit is stronger than ever. This December will see for the first time three Gazaab chapters going out to three different places in Nepal and India to spread the Gazaab influence yet further.