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Expeditions 2011 - Nepal

Project Gazaab is sending 3 expeditions to 3 locations in the december of 2011. The 3 locations are Nepal, Arunachal in India and Maharashtra in India. Applications are now open! Apply here.
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Expedition Synopsis:
Nepal is the Gazaab home ground. We have been to Nepal twice, and our presence in some remote corner of this beautiful mountain country is almost palpable. Gazaab 2011 will of course make a return to Nepal. While we will still be following the Gazaab model of incorporating business lessons, organizing business plan competitions, mentoring and providing seed money to build start-ups, we are also looking into some new exciting ideas which we will work on together once you join our team. 

Gazaab Nepal is expected to leave Singapore in early December and spend 14 days in Nepal, excluding plans for R&R. We will spend most of our time in Bhankunde Bensi, a village high up in the mountains where we will be treated to wonderful climate and breath-taking sceneries almost everywhere we go. Once the project is over, we will also have plenty of destinations for R&R activities, including kayaking, trekking, mountain swinging and bungee jumping. The cost per person is estimated to be around $1300 SGD, which covers airfares, food, accommodation and land transport in Nepal.

Gazaab Nepal 2011 will be an intensive project that requires significant commitment from the moment you join our team up until the very last day when we are on board the plane coming home from Nepal. We have no doubts; however, that at the end of it all, you will find the Gazaab experience fulfilling and unforgettable; you will come home with the heartwarming thought that perhaps somewhere, in someone’s life, you have really made a difference, and it’s a difference worth making.

Welcome to the Gazaab Family!


Gazaab 2011  Nepal leaders

Tran Ngoc Khanh, Michael – SMU School of Economics (ngockhanh.t.2009@smu.edu.sg)

Ashutosh Khetan – SMU School of Economics (ashutoshk.2010@smu.edu.sg)

Kaylee Siaw Hsien Li – SMU School of Business (hlsiaw.2010@smu.edu.sg)

Where: Bhakunde village, Kavre district, Nepal
When: 5th-18th December 2011 (Tentative)
Cost: S$1300 (Tentative)
Contact: nepal@projectgazaab.org