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Expeditions 2011 - Maharashtra, India

Project Gazaab is sending 3 expeditions to 3 locations in the december of 2011. The 3 locations are Nepal, Arunachal in India and Maharashtra in India. Applications are now open! Apply here.
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Expedition Synopsis:
Project Gazaab Maharashtra is going down to the village of Pachal in the state of Maharashtra in India. Maharashtra is India’s richest, yet poorest state. In the last decade alone, more than 13000 farmers have committed suicide. There is rampant poverty and widespread unemployment, especially among the youth in Maharashtra. 
We believe that change is possible even in the poorest areas of Maharashtra. With growth in emerging economies such as India, the youth in rural parts of the country have an opportunity that their previous generations didn’t – to free themselves from the vicious cycle of poverty.
Specific Location: Pachal Village, Maharashtra state of India, nearest city Mumbai
Expedition Dates: 3rd to 17th December 2011
Cost: S$600 per person
Led by: Jaideep Doshi (jaideepd.2010@smu.edu.sg)
Contact: maharashtra@projectgazaab.org
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