Success Stories

Entrepreneur: Harkaman Tamang

Business: Mushroom Farm

Harkaman was one of the winners of the Gazaab business competition, and with the S$500 that he was awarded, he set up a fully operational mushroom farm in less than 10 days after the end of the competition. 1 month later, his first harvest was completely sold out. 

Today, 8 months later, he has since sold off his first mushroom farm, returned to his village and set up 5 more mushroom farms. He is no longer the uncertain high school graduate faced with the prospects of being a lowly-paid laborer in the city or leaving the country for the hard life of a migrant worker. 

And it doesn't stop here. Harkaman has since inspired the rest of his village to light up like beacons of hope as entrepreneurs, bringing a better life to the entire community.

Entrepreneur: Raj

Business: Poultry Farm

With the winnings of the business competition, Raj proceeded to set up a poultry farm. At the tender age of 18, he is capable enough to operate a full-fledged farm, a status enjoyed only by the experienced and senior members of his community. 

The last time we visited Raj, his farm was empty. He just sold his first harvest of 300 chickens.

Entrepreneur: Susila 

Business: Candlemaker

Electricity continues to be a scarce resource in many parts of Nepal, and candles are the solution to the dark and cold of the Himalayas. With a shortage of high quality candles in the village, Susila set out to manufacture candles so that there will always be light available in the village. 

As the seed money is not yet sufficient for the creation of a full fledged candle-making facility, Susila is using the money to purchase high quality candles at whoesale prices from the city and providing it to villagers, hoping to make enough to build a candle-making facility in the future. 

Entrepreneur: Sauroj & Team

Business: Mushroom Farm